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Overview Of Bioluminescence Tours At Grand Cayman

There is a natural effect that happens with certain living organisms called bioluminescence. This is actually the production of, and the emission of, light from their bodies. This can happen with marine invertebrates, but also vertebrates, and has also been seen with fungi and bacteria. A notable example of this is found with fireflies, and also with microorganisms that are living in the waters of the Cayman Islands. Here is a quick overview of how you can find bioluminescence tours at Grand Cayman, ones that will be affordable and also fun.

The Process of Bioluminescence

In the waters of the Cayman Islands, and throughout the Caribbean, there are three specific bioluminescent creatures that can produce light. When these creatures are aggravated, you can see the activation of this process. When people go into the dark waters of the Grand Cayman, and they begin to paddle around, it is as if lights is coming from your hands and feet. There are multiple tours that occur on a regular basis in Grand Cayman. It will take you directly to what is called Bio Bay where you can jump out into the water, taken out by kayak or boat, and learn about not only bioluminescence but the stars.

How Do You Find The Best Tours

Just like anything else that you look for on the Internet, products or services that you purchase are going to be reviewed. When you do this, you will see that many of the tours for bioluminescence in Grand Cayman are extremely popular, regardless of the bond that you decide to go on. There are several which include Cayman Kayaks, Sweet Spot Watersports, and Cayman Sea Elements to name a few. This website shows George’s Watersports which is the most popular company. These are actually located at different areas of the island, typically close to shore, making it very easy to access this activity.

How Much Are The Tours?

The cost of the tours will be dependent upon which one you choose, and what company you decide to go with. The price will vary depending upon whether you take a kayak out, or a boat, which can change the pricing. Many people prefer the kayaks because you are so close to the water. You can actually see the bioluminescent effect right under your kayak, or as you are paddling with your oars. These can cost anywhere from $50 to over $100, depending upon who you choose to work with. It will be an experience that you will never forget. You might even decide to stay for a few days to try out the other companies that are at different locations. It is something that is very special and that you should do at least once in your life.

When Is The Best Time To Go?

On many of the websites, you will see that there are bioluminescence tours and activities available most of the year. This is an area of the world that is perpetually warm. You should check back with the many different websites that are presenting these tours, allowing you to plan in advance for this vacation. It is definitely a trip that you should bring family and friends with, or a significant other. It is a beautiful experience, especially under the dark skies of the Cayman Islands the beautiful glowing bioluminescence effect below you.
Now that you have this information about bioluminescence tours at Grand Cayman, you should consider booking a trip sometime this year. It’s going to change your life, in a positive way, as you see what is seemingly magical but is nothing more than a solid representation of the magic and wonder of nature.